About Us

Africa Proper Education Network (APE Network) is a Tanzania-based educating organization that authors, publishes and distributes books and other learning resources throughout East Africa.


Book Publishing

Established since 2006 originally as APE Project, APE Network has grown steadily to become an exemplary publisher of revision books, teaching resources and Kiswahili books in Tanzania, some of which are used throughout East Africa.

Currently APE Network has about 70 publications of which 30 are best selling in their genres.


Our Publications

Our products, which range from primary school revision books to Advanced Level textbooks and Kiswahili literature works, are well known to people and are extensively available in bookstores throughout Tanzania. Of our 58 academic books 23 are the country’s bestselling revision books and are widely credited for their resourcefulness, elegant design, and a systematically organized content by both students and teachers.

Our Kiswahili books are resourceful, simple and beautifully designed to attract readers and open the magnificent riches and tools of our regional language - Kiswahili to whoever wants to learn or expand their use of it.

The features of our books are testament to our determination to give all there is to ensure that our readers’ interest in learning is aroused and maintained.


Our publishing Goal

To create books and resources that are user-centered and which will be the ingredient to inculcate the right values, attitudes and skills to the people.


Our Mission

To improve the accessibility of relevant books to the people of East Africa.


Our Vision

To become an exemplary researcher, publisher and propagator of knowledge that is tailored to address the social, cultural and economic challenges of the people of East Africa.