Our Services

Book Distribution & Supply

Having distributed our publications for over seven years, in 2013 we realized that our commitment to distributing our own books throughout the region was not synonymous to helping all people get access to the right knowledge. We observed that the acute shortage of books and a general lack of interest in reading amongst our people could not be curbed by a mere distribution of a handful of books.

So, in 2013 we expanded our objectives to include stocking all possible varieties of books and learning resources that can help students and general readers to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills. Today APE Network is the biggest importer of books in Tanzania, importing over 60,000 books yearly from over 10 international publishers (S. Chand, Navneet, Cambridge, Oxford UK, Cengage, Pearson, Dreamland, Myles & Kelly, Hodder Education and Harper Collins) and distributing over 300,000 books to bookstores, academic instititions, NGOs and private companies every year.

Locally APE Network is a leading stockist and distributer of local and international books, with a distribution network of over 62 retail bookstores across the East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Among our corporate clients, mostly international and local publishing companies for whom we distribute books in East Africa are listed below.



Libraries and Academic Institutions

We offer academic consultancy to learning institutions on matters pertaining to choice of books, appropriate learning tools for their environment, best options for teacher resources and custom library programs for different institutional requirements. We receive book requirements for local and international titles from academic institutions, consolidate them from around the world and supply as per institute’s specifications. We also support by offering guidance and supplies in setting up libraries, maintaining them and connecting libraries for easy and affordable options of book stocking, customer management and sustainable programs.



We consult startup bookstores and support already established ones on the best varieties of books to stock, season requirements as well as timely supplying them with their requirements at very hefty discounts and terms. To us, the opening of one more bookstore in the region is a tremendous success to the people who will use it and we are very keen to make it a success.


NGOs & Companies

We work with various NGOs that support education in the region as well as private companies which implement their corporate-social responsibility in the education sector. For these groups our service comes in the form of providing exhaustive lists of the variety of books present in the market and advice on those that will best suit their needs and budget, options for other learning resources for specific users, organize orders and deliver them at locations of choice on time. Being well aware of the significance of the support of these institutions to our people we offer them best discounts, free delivery within the city to the final destination or a transport company for shipping to other regions.