Promoting Kiswahili

Propagating Kiswahili

APE Network understands the potential and power that Kiswahili language has in Eastern and Central Africa and throughout the world. Being a language that is spoken in more than 7 African countries and taught in many colleges and Universities in USA, Europe and China, we can not underestimate the utility of this language and the need to strengthen availability of content for its growing users. For this reason we have dedicated ourselves to a cause of promoting Kiswahili through publishing books and devising programs to propagate Kiswahili literature works and other learning materials through the internet and mobile applications.

In our 5-year plan, we will develop and publish 30 Kiswahili literature works which can be used in their original form or in translation. Such works include Swahili Proverbs books (Methali) which is a treasure of wisdom and life lessons to all people, riddles that can inspire young readers to be inquisitive and curious, poetry works, folk tales, history of the language and its people. At request of readers, such works will be published in two versions, one in Swahili for use in Swahili-speaking countries and Kiswahili-teaching institutions and another – an international version which will be bilingual, using both Swahili and English so that international readers with interest in the language can easily learn its wealth.

To us Kiswahili is a national pride and international glory for all Africa.