FEATURES OF THIS BOOK -It is designed to suit Form I and II revision. -It contain form 2 History national examinations of years 1999 through 2015 and there answers -It has hints and illustrations to guide students to understand concepts well and easily -It has an exhaustive glossary and timeline of important historical events.

APE Network believes that it is our duty, as it is also the duty of all publishers and teachers, to inspire students to take learning as an enjoyable and interesting activity which in the end awards the learner with a gift of knowing what, why and how things are the way they are. The nation that learning is difficult or complicated should be abandoned not only because it demoralizing but essentially because it is WRONG!

John Ezra

I write about history

Book Details
  • ISBN : 9789987701117
  • Authors : John Ezra Ngassa Maduhu
  • Publication date : June 2018
  • Language : English
  • Number of Pages : 180
  • Cover Format : Paperback
  • Edition : Sixth Edition

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