This book compreensively covers all the requirments of Healthcare and Environment syllabus for standard one. The book has plenty of images and songs which will help pupils to understand easily and enjoy learning. In addition, it has close to 80 activities which ensures that the pupil is engaged throughout. The activities are meant to help teachers and parents/guardians to engage the pupil along the requirements of the curriculum. We believe that at the end of the learning this subject the pupil will be conversant with all the basics of Health, Environment and Science. The publisher and all the authoring team understand that at this key learning stage, pupils should be taught by motivation to ensure that their interest in learning is developed and maintained.


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Book Details
  • ISBN : 9789987701469
  • Publication date : May 2018
  • Language : English
  • Number of Pages : 98
  • Cover Format : Paperback
  • Edition : Second Edition

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