This book covers Mathematics for Grade 3 pupils as required by the Tanzanian syllabus of 2016. Among the topics coverd include: Number Addition up to 9999, Substractin, Multiplication, Number Patterns, Time and Time operations, Units and Measurements, Money, Geometry and Pictorial Statistics. The book contains over 140 exercises that will give pupils enough questions to practice on. Its colourful pages and many images are meant to make learning easy and interesting to a child.

This book and others in the series have been written, edited and moderated b experienced teachers and editors to ensure that it delivers the best to pupils and their teachers. The publisher and the authoring team understand the need for and are comitted to correctness of content and approach when developing learning materials for young learners.


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Book Details
  • ISBN : 9789987701629
  • Publication date : May 2018
  • Language : English
  • Number of Pages : 192
  • Cover Format : Paperback
  • Edition : Second Edition

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