It has plenty of images to help the pupils understand easily and enjoy reading. Its many exercises and activities are
meant to help the pupils test themselves thoroughly in what they have
learned. A glossary at the end of the book gives definitions of all key terms
used throughout the book.
We believe that this book will provide the required knowledge in Social
Studies and give pupils a strong foundation on important aspects of
Geography, History, Entrepreneurial Education and Environmental
Education. The book will also provide guidance to teachers and parents in
teaching and testing pupils.
The content, presentation and layout of this and our other books is a proof of
our commitment to make books that will inspire our children to understand
easily and love learning.

Ape Network

APE Network is a publishing company which, beyond creating resourceful books, works tirelessly to understand what it takes to inspire the reader.

Book Details
  • ISBN : 9987701520
  • Publication date : January 2019
  • Language : English
  • Number of Pages : 200
  • Cover Format : Paperback
  • Edition : Second Edition

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