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Rating and Reviews
QUESTION : Who can rate or review books on Apenetworks.?

Our community review system allows anyone with an account to rate or/and review a book on Apenetworks , however reviews are checked by our team before being published .

Please read our book reviews policy to make sure you are not violating our cummunity review guidelines.


QUESTION : How do I write a book review . ?

To rate or review a book  please use  the following steps .

  • First find and view the book page you wish to rate
  • Scroll down to community reviews page section
  • If you are not signed in you will be prompted to sign in before reviewing a book
  • Select the scale you wish to rate the book
  • Write your review and submit

Note : Our team will need to verify your review before publishing it , If your book is deemed inappropriate , it will not be published , make sure to read our book review guideline

QUESTION : How to rate a book without writing a review .?

You may only rate a book without submiting a review , to do so :

  • Follow the the same procedure to review a book
  • Select your rating scale and click the submit button

Note : You can not write a review to the book that you have already rated .

QUESTION : Why can't I see my review on a book page.?

Our team verifies every review posted before publishing , this allows us to publish reviews that do not violate our review guidelines, you may look under your profile to see if your review has already been verified .

We will try our best to verify all posted reviews on time .